Stepping into the third millennium, it is too na´ve to say that the world is divided between the rich and the poor and that the rich are getting richer and the poor poorer. We all know about these inequalities. We also know that those who cause this inequity engage appropriate agencies and specialists for hiding this divide, and for giving a human face to this rule of shame and deceit. These contractors have a responsibility to prove to us that all of us are born equal, have common entitlements, and share a common future. In spite of their best initiatives, events all around are too ubiquitous and prominent to confuse this divide which has resulted in the present environmental crisis. This perception of modern history and world resources binds all the selected writings in this ensemble.

The writings may suffer from the limitations of inadequate grasp of fundamentals when an engineer and not a life scientist turns ecologist. It has not therefore been a chase for bees and trees, neither has it been those energy flow calculations through trophic levels. It has, on the contrary, searched for the natural window and technical innovation to set the standards of knowledge in ecology. It would in spite be an expectation in right earnest, that there will be a few who will bear with this subjective framework, more appropriately, its limitations, and take sides in the ongoing struggle between the advantaged few and the handicapped many.


© 2014 Dr. Dhrubajyoti Ghosh